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About Us

The musée.today collection is the project of Australian fashion industry icons Kim Napoli and Mary Collier, who have both been working in the industry for over two decades.  Kim launched Musée Sydney in 1996, and with her signature brand of femininity, she attracted a large following. Mary worked for big brands as a designer and buyer then switched direction to start her own company importing artisan products from India. Both decided that a collaboration would be an opportunity to do something different with their complementary skills, working together to utilize their range of contacts and sources globally.

In these difficult times the fashion industry is splintered. The successful label is no longer madly chasing the next fabulous trend, there are no recognised next fabulous trends. Instead we are confident that in designing what we find beautiful, that we can transcend trends. We are blending style and wearability.  musée.today garments will be both flattering and comfortable to wear, because we know how to fit the female body with couture cutting and fitting techniques. They will fit your lifestyle so well that they will become your go-to favourites for both work and play.

In these demanding times, our considered musée.today styles will help a woman face daily challenges with confidence.  We want our customers to experience the luxury of natural fibres, coming from our selection of quality fabrics, which are specifically sourced from around the world for the diverse Australian lifestyle and climate.  

Our unique Australian made garments are an investment in quality, style, credibility, versatility, durability and comfort.

Feel confident and cool with musée.today.

We are really looking forward to connecting with our many customers and friends. We’d love to hear your ideas and opinions, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mary and Kim